Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO)​

Mecklenburg County may elect to offer Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO). A TCO may be used for a stated period of time and for specified portions of the building that Code Enforcement Officials find may be safely occupied before completion of the entire building.  Every permit (Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing) and agency holds associated with the project and its parent projects must be finaled (for permits) or released (agency holds) or have TCO approval.

In addition to the Recap Fee Report, which shall be provided with the "Issued" TCO, the following fee schedule will apply:

  • Original/First TCO: $90 for each open permit

  • Renewal TCO: $55 for each open permit

  • TCO re-inspection fee of $55 for each TCO renewal inspection

When offered, the TCO will be available only to account holders (General Contractors). TCO placards (similar to permit placards) will be issued, must be posted conspicuously and NOT removed until the CO is issued. The placard gives notice of the TCO conditions and restrictions and date of expiration. If the placard is missing when the inspector returns for follow-up inspections, he may replace it and charge a $45.00 placard replacement fee to the General (Building) Contractor's account. 

Contractors who have a TCO that is expired for more than 30 days will be prohibited from getting any new TCO's until the expired TCO(s) have been renewed or completed.