A/E Pass Rate Incentives Program​

Purpose of the Program

The AE (Architect and Engineer) Pass Rate Incentives program goal is to support A&E's by moving them up in the plan review process because they take the profession and the OnSchedule process seriously, and have earned resulting high pass rates. Conversely, those professionals who abuse the OnSchedule process will move back, until they improve.

A summary of the 2008 Proposed Commercial Plan Review Revisions is posted on meckpermit.com under "What's New." A key component of the January 15, 2008 report summary is the development of a program grading A/E's on their plan review pass/fail performance. The Department began grading contractors in 1999, and that program proved very successful in driving inspection pass rates up, improving process efficiency and lowering service cost to both customers and the Department. We believe we can achieve the same improvement in plan review.

Overview of Program

The program will categorize AE's into four major groups, Superior, Successful, Not Yet Graded and Poor performers. The AE Performance Level Chart outlines the incentives given to Superior performers, the services provided to Successful and Not Yet Graded performers, and the disincentives for Poor performers.