OnSchedule Fee Policy

OnSchedule Plan Review projects are required to pay the estimated permit fee based on the estimated construction cost provided on the OnSchedule application prior to submitting the project for plan review. The fees may be paid by the Owner, Owner's representative, Architect, Engineer, or contractor. For new construction, please see our chart for square footage cost. This is located on the Publications Page under Building Permit Fee Calculations.

Step 1

On the OnSchedule Application, complete the Estimated Construction Cost information. This will be used to determine the permit fee which will be collected prior to plan submittal.

Step 2

The OnSchedule Coordinator will include the estimated permit fee and the project number in the confirmation email that is sent to the contact person.

This fee may be paid in one of several ways:

Step 3

Submit drawings to the OnSchedule Coordinator. Please present a copy of the receipt to the coordinator along with the drawings. Without a receipt, the drawings will not be accepted.

For additional information, please contact an OnSchedule Coordinator at 980-314-CODE(2633)​.