Professional Certification

The Code Enforcement Department is interested in providing customers with another plan review option and more control over permitting time, while at the same time promoting professional responsibility for code compliance. To that end, Code Enforcement proposes initiating a commercial plan review Professional Certification Program component as a regular option available to projects with teams composed of qualifying professionals as the designers of record.

The proposed Professional Certification Program is the successor to the Commercial Permits Pilot Program Stages 1 & 2. The latter program is 3 years old and, though having seen limited use in the context of overall commercial plan review volume, has consistently exhibited an extremely low defect rate.

The idea for this new program is very simple.

  1. professionals qualify to participate in the program

  2. preliminary plan reviews are required at drawing 90% completion stage

  3. professionals provide a certification statement on code compliance on the 100% permit drawings

  4. the building permit is issued on application

The program will be available to all project types, subject to consensus being reached on the code logic presented in the preliminary review at 90% completion. Projects requiring review by the Department of Insurance or other authorities, may participate if a letter of approval from those authorities is presented at the preliminary review.

Certification Statement Form