Code Enforcement

Permitting, plan review and inspections for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work in Mecklenburg County.

Code Enforcement, a division of the Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency, serves as the largest code authority between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta and is responsible for: 

  • Permitting: Authorizing qualified businesses and individuals to begin work. Staff issue more than 100,000 permits each year. 

  • Plan Review: Checking of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire drawings for code compliance. 

  • Inspections: Field staff check all work that required a permit, to the tune of more than 320,000 inspections per year. 

Code Enforcement is guided by an advisory board, the Building Development Commission, that makes recommendations to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners and Code Enforcement staff on development-related ordinances, budget, service delivery, fees, division performance and public opinion.  

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  • Permitting

    Permits may be required under North Carolina law for the installation, extension, alteration or general repair of building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems.

  • Plan Review

    Our Plan Review Team checks to see that submitted plans and supporting materials are drawn according to N.C. Building Code. Our plan review process is nearly completely paperless.

  • Inspections

    More than 100 inspector code officials cover all construction in Mecklenburg County's 524 square miles. ​Our inspections process is nearly paperless.

  • Code Information & Appeals

    North Carolina Building Code is highly detailed, and every job site is different. When real-world specifics collide with code books, there can be a difference of opinion on how to interpret and apply code. Our code administrators are here to provide our customers and staff alike with clarity.

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View the N.C. Building Codes from the International Code Council website. Some content is labeled as premium content and requires a subscription to access.

Order N.C. Code Books

You can order North Carolina Code books directly from the International Code Council. Please note: The ICC A117.1-09 (Accessibility Code) is still in effect for the 2018 code cycle.

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement does not have any code books for sale. 

Code and Contractor Requirements

  • NC Codes

    North Carolina State Capitol Building on a Sunny Day

    Listed below are the codes that are applicable to construction work in North Carolina :

    • N.C. State Building Code 

    • N.C. State Building Code Residential Code

    • N.C. State Existing Building Code

    • N.C. State Building Code (Chp 11) & ANSI A117.1

    • N.C. State Plumbing Code

    • N.C. State Mechanical Code

    • N.C. State Fuel Gas Code

    • N.C. State Electrical Code (NEC w NC amendments)

    • N.C. State Fire Code

    • N.C. State Energy Code

    • N.C. Administrative Code and Policies

  • Contractor Licensing


    Contractor Licensing Requirements applicable for building projects in North Carolina:

    General Contracting General contractors should be licensed  the N.C. Licensing Board for General Contractors.

    Electrical Contracting Electrical contractors should be licensed through the N.C. State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors.

    Mechanical/Plumbing Contracting Mechanical/Plumbing contractors should be licensed through the N.C. State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating & Fire Sprinkler Contractors.