Live Remote Inspections

About Live Remote Inspections

Live Remote Inspections (LRIs) are an optional service Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement provides on qualifying residential inspections. Using this service, some re-inspections can be performed using video chat on the contractor's phone or tablet. LRIs can allow for faster inspection or re-inspection completion, and in some cases can eliminate the need for a homeowner to stay home to provide access for the inspector.

System Requirements

  • Customer must use a phone or tablet on a 4G network with good signal strength. Poor signal strength or picture quality will result in canceling the LRI in favor of a traditional re-inspection.

  • Customer should have downloaded and be ready to use the Google Duo app. 

  • Customer should ensure phone or tablet battery has sufficient charge.

  • Customer should turn off other notifications before the inspection begins, as they may interfere with the call.