Mega-Multifamily Team

About the Mega-Multifamily Program

Our Mega-Multifamily Inspections Team is a service stream that focuses on the specialized needs of our mega and multifamily customers.​​

This team was designed in response to changes in the local design and construction environment. A residential multifamily construction boom in the region, and specific changes to NC State building codes are becoming increasingly more specialized in the this type of multi-family occupancy. 

To serve our customers better, Code Enforcement created the Mega-Multifamily inspections Team 3 years ago, on June 29, 2015, to focus on the most complex projects: those projects include High-rise office buildings; Institutional facilities  (Hospitals and Detention Centers); Large Assembly projects; and/or mid- to high-rise multifamily residential projects. 

Mega-Multifamily inspectors will stay with a project from the first inspection to the final. They'll be more available to contractors and owner-developers, because their sole focus will be mega and multifamily projects.

How Mega-Multifamily Inspections Help Our Customers

There is no need to apply for Mega-Multifamily Inspections stream. If your project meets the program criteria, it will automatically be slated for Mega-Multifamily Inspections. 

  • This is a targeted inspections resource for our customers' most complex projects. 
  • Individualized attention from inspectors will increase consistency.
  • This model more closely aligns with the development trend in the area.
  • Individualized attention will mean improved communication with the owner's team over the course of the project.
  • Specialized teams may be able to expedite the hiring and training process -- we will have more inspectors available to serve you.

Qualifying for Mega-Multifamily Inspections

There is no need to apply for Mega-Multifamily Inspections stream. If your project meets the program criteria, it will automatically be slated for Mega-Multifamily Inspections. 

Read more about the  program requirem​ents for Mega-Multifamily Inspections.

Mega-Multifamily Customer Tools & Documents

Mega-Multifamily Permit Structure Templates

These permit structure templates are spreadsheets provided to assist our customers in the management and structuring of permits and inspections for large, multi-level projects that, by their design and nature, pose difficulties in the closeout and delivery of the project to the end client.

Large, complex projects bring additional considerations as well as the possibility of "phased occupancy" issued that can cause a simple Certificate of Occupancy to de delayed. The use of these worksheets is not required, but encouraged for all customers using Mega-Multifamily Inspections, as this tool can often help to avoid expensive delays and changes.

To use this template, download the linked Excel document​ to your computer. Important: Before beginning to work with the template, be sure to select your project type from the tabs at the bottom -- R1/High, R2/High, R2/Podium or R2/Wrap. For help with this template, please contact the Mega-Multifamily Inspections Team at 980-314-CODE.

Phased Occupancy and Construction Guidelines

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Key Contacts

Eric Moore​
Code Enforcement Manager 


Lindsey Dellinger,
Mega-Multifamily Supervisor 


Cheryl Scott-Parker,
Mega-Multifamily Controller


Shiree Lewis
Code Enforcement Official 


Genetta Wynn
Facilitation Coordinator