Re-inspection Fee Program

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View and print the Mecklenburg County LUESA Fee Ordinance​.

Disapproved Inspections/Re-Inspection Fees​

Fee Schedule

The Percentage Fee Adjustment Schedule, like all of the information on this page, is contained in the current Mecklenburg County Fee Schedule.

The new re-inspection schedule will be applied to all projects, large and small. The primary responsibility, or conduit, for charges and credits will be as follows:

  • ​Whoever applies for and pays for the permit will receive any fee adjustments at issuance of CO. These contractors will be responsible for the project​ inspection failure rate of all sub-contractors working on the project.

  • For projects with multiple trades but no general contractor, a lead contractor, responsible for all subcontractors’ code defect rates and any fee adjustment, will be assigned from the attached Small Project Lead Contractor Schedule.

  • On Commercial projects with multi-primes, where some work is beyond control of the permit applicant, the general contractor and other prime contractors will have individual code defect rate responsibility, unless they agree otherwise.

  • The reports will be based on code defect performance on the structure (per house, per project, etc.) at the completion of the work (typically the Certificate of Occupancy stage).

  • For all other conditions not prescribed herein, the Director will propose responsibility for charges and credits after consulting with the Code Compliance Task Force.


The task force proposes the program will begin immediately for the purpose of notification of all project failure rates. The Task Force further proposes the new re-inspection fee schedule go into effect for all permits issued on or after April 1, 2000, assuming all the requisite fee ordinance changes have been approved by the BOCC and the appropriate IST programming is in place.

Above 40%, the percent fee adjustment shall be the same as the Code Defect Percentage Failure.

  • Commercial = Projects constructed under the NC Building Code

  • Residential = Projects constructed under the NC Residential Code (One-Two Family)

Re-inspection Fee Adjustment Schedule from the Mecklenburg County Fee Ordinance​