Residential Master Plan Submittal Process

Scope of Services 

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement has implemented a Residential Master Plan Submittal Process. The process utilizes the same system for our permitting and inspections, and works like the custom plan submittal process. The main benefits of the new program are: Utilization of the same system as custom plan submittal, plan files are PDF, we can use "Approved as Noted", and all project types can be tracked from the Contractor's Dashboard.

Master Plan Submittal Requirements:

  • Plans must be submitted in one file in PDF format.
  • Complete plan sets are limited to 150 pages.
  • The maximum file size is 40MB
  • A Master Plan that exceed 40MB may be separated into multiple files by elevation or foundation type. Example: One file Covington A, B, C, D elevations & one file Covington E, F, G elevations.
  • Electrical, mechanical, & plumbing sheet should be eliminated from the plan file (reduces file size)
  • Master plans designs should be limited to six elevation options and eight structural options, all included in one file.
    • Elevation options include variations in exterior finishes, variations in window/door arrangements for the same wall, or variations in gables/dormers on a trussed roof that do not create an alteration in the building footprint.
    • Structural options include options that alter the footprint of the building, require additional foundation/footings, change the layout of gables/dormers on a framed roof, or increase the structural loading (like the addition of another floor level above). A unique elevation that is the result of a structural option will not be counted toward the maximum number of allowed elevation options unless the same elevation is presented with multiple finish variations.
    • The County will not count a side load garage option as a different elevation or structural option.
  • The requirement to provide typical fire-rated construction details for construction occurring within the fire-separation distance will not count as a different structural option.
  • Master plans that exceed six elevations and eight structural options will be charged a $33.00 per hour plan review fee.
  • File names must be limited to forty characters and unique to other file names.
  • Projects reviewed three or more cycles in the building discipline will incur an hourly review fee of $145.00.


The master plan review process features two options; "New Building Permit Path" (master plan submittal with a permit application), and "New Pre-paid Fee Master Plan Path" (master plan submittal without a permit application), also known as the Pre-pay review submittal. Both options are initiated from the contractor dashboard under the "Permit Application" tab. There is a new selection under the "Permit Application" tab, Residential Master Plan Application. Selecting this option starts the master plan submittal process.

Selecting the "New Building Permit Path" starts the process with the normal online building permit application. When you get to the Plan Option section of the permit application, select the option "For this project a new residential master plan is being applied for with this permit", this will allow you to upload the new master plan at the completion of the permit application. Once you complete the permit application and click submit, a confirmation page will return that contains a link for completed appropriate zoning documents and a link to upload the new master plan.

Selecting the "New Pre-paid Fee Master Plan Path" starts the process with identification of the Project Details (plan name, heated and unheated square feet of the base plan) and contact information for the project. Once the Master Plan Application is submitted a confirmation of the submittal will be returned that includes a link for the plan upload. Supporting Documents are not required for the Pre-paid Master Plan submittals. All information regarding the master plan must be included in the plan file. Permitted projects take priority over pre-paid fee master plan projects. We will work these into the review process when our plan review back log is within our 5-day goal.

A new link has been added under the View Permits tab on the contractor's dashboard "My Residential Master Plans". This will display a listing of your submitted master plans and allows you to track the progress of your projects.

We have assembled a submittal user's guide to illustrate the submittal process.

Master Plan Permit Submittal Requirements

Each permit submittal using a master plan must identify the site specific options one of two ways; list the site-specific options in the "Expanded Scope of Work" text box within the permit application, or complete the Master Plan Summary Sheet and attach it to the permit application.

Job Site Requirements for Master Plans

A copy of the approved master plan package must tailored to the site-specific project, containing only the options to be built for that lot. This may be accomplished by marking out the options that do not apply. The plan set shall be maintained at the construction site and available for the field inspector.

Key Contacts:

Plan Review Facilitator: 980-314-2633 then enter the following sequence of numbers; 2-1-1-2.

Scott Westbrook, Program Manager

Tim Parnell, Senior Plans Examiner

Plan Review Controllers:  Anna RayfieldMark Winslow