Inspections by Appointment (IBA)

Inspection by Appointment (IBA) is a program offered by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement that will allow a contractor to request a Commercial inspection for any of the following trades: Building, Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing.

Inspections by Appointment (IBA) is a premium service, for a premium fee. This fee is in addition to the normal permit fee. Please contact IBA/OTI at 704-200-4940. The cost for this service will be $115 per hour, with a minimum charge of two hours. Inspector travel time is calculated in this rate.

How to Schedule Your Inspection By Appointment

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to schedule your Inspection By Appointment:

  1. Go to Get Your Permit Online

  2. Log in using your designated user ID and password.

  3. Click on My Permits and select a permit.

  4. Click the Inspection by Appointment link.

  5. Select the date and time and click "Book Inspection" (IBA requests must be made prior to 7:00AM to schedule an inspection for the next business day; inspections requested after 7:00AM will default to the day after the next business day).

  6. Review the Payment/Credit terms and click "Accept".

  7. Complete the inspection request including all the information required in red and

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Your inspection request is confirmed unless you are notified by the Program Coordinator.


IBA Program Overview