Special Event Permits

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement issues permits and conducts inspections for special events, where required by the N.C. Building Codes. Our Special Projects Team facilitates this process. For best results, organizers should closely monitor each step of the process. Some small events may not require Code Enforcement involvement – our staff can help determine if  this is the case.

The first, most important step is to reach out to the Special Projects Team as early as possible.

Phone 980-314-3106[email protected]


Applying for a special events permit from our office is a four-step process, with documentation that the customer may be asked to provide along the way. We are glad to help our customers launch the event they envision, while ensuring the event is safe and code-compliant.

New in town?

We're delighted you are considering hosting your event in Mecklenburg County. Please take a moment to review Code Enforcement's Visitors Guide to Hosting Special Events in Mecklenburg County.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Code Enforcement issues permits for special events, where required, as pertains to North Carolina Building Codes. Your event may require additional permits from other agencies, including but not limited to the municipal planning department with jurisdiction over the location, the City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County fire marshal, Mecklenburg County Environmental Health, local law enforcement, Charlotte Department of Transportation Special Events, or other agencies. The event organizer is responsible for determining what additional permits may be needed and completing those application processes.

Read our Joint Policy (with the Charlotte Fire Department) on Permits, Plan Review and Inspections for Special Events and Temporary Structures.


Special Events: Step By Step

Download a print-friendly version of our Step-by-Step Guide to Special Event Permits.  

Step 1: Submit application and supporting materials

The customer will need to complete and submit our Special Event Application, along with any applicable supporting information, as outlined on the application. This form can be downloaded from the link above.  Applications should be submitted a minimum of 30 business days before the event. Applications can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or hand-delivered to our office at 2145 Suttle Avenue, Charlotte.

Supporting documentation, like site plans, vendor information, and manufacturer design data on bleachers, stages, scaffolding, etc., are welcomed, and, in some cases, may later be required. Please include with your application any and all supporting information that may help us better understand the scope of your event.

NOTE: If your event is conducted in an existing building that is not designed for the proposed temporary occupancy (i.e., not designed to hold large groups of people for events), your application should also include a completed Memorandum of Understanding for Indoor Special Events.  Please complete it and include with your application.


Step 2: Attend preliminary meeting with Code Enforcement staff

If your event does not require a permit from our department, we will let you know. If you do need a permit from Code Enforcement, we will contact you to schedule a preliminary review meeting to discuss the event details and determine where our office has jurisdiction in reviewing, permitting and inspecting your event.


Step 3: Begin permitting (may require additional documentation or adjustments)

If a permit is required, or trade work (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) is being performed, the event organizer will be required to comply with all applicable state statutes and Mecklenburg County ordinances before a permit is issued. You may be required to submit plans or other documentation. Temporary structures may require third-party special inspections. The specifics depend on the nature of your event – our staff will tell you what is needed at the preliminary meeting, and you are welcome to ask questions along the way. 


Step 4: Complete on-site inspections

Before the event begins, our inspections team will be looking over the facilities, any tents or temporary structures, or aspects of your site plans to ensure code compliance, and adherence to your submitted plans. Our inspectors work with event organizers to meet requirements under North Carolina State Building Codes. These requirements are geared to ensuring life safety and accessibility when large groups of people gather in a space.

Download a print-friendly version of our Step-by-Step Guide to Special Event Permits.


Need help?

Our Special Projects Team  can help you answer questions about the application or what other materials may be required along the way. They can also help you check the status of your application.

Call 980-314-3106 or e-mail the Special Projects Team.