Trade Internet Permitting (TIP)

Mecklenburg County requires contractors to have a permit for certain projects and now it is an easy online process. The contractor Trades Internet Permits (TIP) online process allows you to enter details of the work being performed for projects that do not require a Building permit, pay the permit fee and print the permits. 

The benefits of obtaining a permit from this website are:

  • The primary contractor may submit, pay for, and print a permit for projects such as change-outs, without staff intervention, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Primary contractor should apply and pay for all sub-trades. Mechanical contractor is considered to be the primary contractor when the project requires Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing work. Plumbing contractor is the primary contractor for electric water heater change-outs. Electrical may be the primary only on projects not requiring mechanical or plumbing work, such as a service upgrade.

  • Upon completing the on-line process, a contractor can immediately request inspections as soon as the work is performed. The county will send certified inspector(s) to verify code compliance.

  • Permit fees for sub-permits on equipment change-outs for projects on one & two family dwellings are reduced to 50% of the fee for the primary trade. This is due to the utilization of multi-trade inspectors and grouping inspections for the project.

  • The "Submit Permit Application" is available if your project is outside of the scope of the TIP process.

Contact the Code Information & Resource Center (CIRC) at 980-314-CODE(2633)​ for more information.​​