Other Permits Not Requiring Plan Review

Some permits are not eligible for Trade Internet Permitting (TIP), but do not require a full plan review. For further assistance with these types of permits, please contact the Code Information & Resource Center (CIRC) at 

Commercial Single-Trade Permits

Stand-alone permits for minor work not requiring plan review may be issued on a case-by-case basis. Commercial trade permits are handled through the Code Information & Resource Center (CIRC). Customers may apply in person at our offices at 2145 Suttle Avenue  OR submit an online application through the contractor's dashboard

  • For in-person applications, the appropriate trade permit application form must be completed and signed. If the sub-permit is for work being performed on a project under construction, please bring a copy of the approved drawings or identify the approved project number  to verify the work being permitted. If the work being requested on the sub-permit application requires drawings, the customer will be notified and the customer will need to submit drawings for review. CIRC lobby staff will determine if the additional review will take place through OnSchedule Review or Small Commercial Project Review.

  • Plan review will not be required on a standalone electrical permit with a cost less than $5,000.  This allowance will not apply for any project involving life safety systems, medical facilities, hazardous locations, electric car chargers or load changes where the calculations exceed 200 amps. For standalone electrical projects not requiring plan review, the contractor shall provide the department by electronic upload, on their letterhead, a signed definitive scope of work, a load calculation per the code and all necessary fault current information.

  • Standalone trade permits can also be applied for through the online Trade Internet Permitting (TIP) program. The TIP online process allows the contractor to enter details of the work being performed for projects that do not require a building permit, pay the permit fee and print the permits. This process is for limited and specific project scopes, and the system will alert you if your scope requires you to apply using the standard permit application process.


Modular Construction Office Units

Temporary construction trailers or construction office units (single unit or multiple unit compounds w/ decks) do not require full plan review. The GC shall first acquire an address from Mecklenburg County GIS Addressing at 704-336-6175, then a Zoning Use Permit directly from Zoning. The Electrician shall apply for an Electrical Permit to hook up power to the unit. A plumbing permit is required if water and/or sewer will be hooked up to the modular unit. Accompanying the electrical permit application is a copy of the Zoning Use Permit,  and a letter on the GC's letterhead stating that the trailer is to be used exclusive by construction personnel & by personnel directly associated to the project ‐ Not for Public Use or Sales. The GC shall also post signage on site stating that the trailer is "Not for Public Use or Sales."