​Demolition, Move-Off and Move-On Permits

For assistance with commercial or residential demolition, move-off or move-on permits, please contact the Customer Information & Resource Center (CIRC). Call 980-314-CODE and follow the prompts for technical assistance.

Interior Demolition Permits

Interior demolition is the demolition of interior components that do not affect rated assemblies and/or load-bearing walls.  Customers will need to complete a building permit application, include sub-contractors for any trade (electrical, mechanical or plumbing) that has elements also being removed, and submit this application to the CIRC in person or through the contractor's online dashboard. There is no new work, removal of structural components, or "build back" allowed to occur under permits issued for interior demolition.


Total Demolition Permits

Total demolition permits for commercial structures are also issued by CIRC staff. Customers need to apply for a building permit and submit completed versions of the forms listed below. We recommend customers apply for a total demo project through the contractor's online dashboard. These permit may also be applied for on paper and in-person; however, there is a convenience fee charged for paper application submittals.


Demolition Permit Forms

Additional Demolition Information

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