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Commercial CIRC

How Does CIRC Help?

  • Technical assistance on the NC State Building Codes

  • Approval of single trade or maintenance permits on commercial projects

  • Process demolition permit on commercial projects

  • Process fire restoration permits that do not require plan review (see Fire Repair and Restoration section on this  page for more information)

Commercial CIRC FAQ

Types of Permits

Helpful References:

The Span Charts associated with yellow pine lumber have been modified. Please review the following amended span tables prior to designing your project.

Key Contacts

Small Commercial Project Questions: 980-314-2633, option 2-1-1-3, [email protected]

Program Manager: Scott Westbrook

Program Senior Plans Examiner: Tim Parnell

CIRC Team Members: William BrownKen KiserToyana McKinneyJoseph Sandridge

Residential CIRC


For questions pertaining to zoning, i.e. building setbacks, fencing, and property use please contact the appropriate planning/zoning jurisdiction:

CharlotteCorneliusDavidson, HuntersvilleMint HillMatthews, or Pineville

Residential CIRC FAQ