Preliminary OnSchedule Plan Review​

A "Preliminary Plan Review Meeting" is a Customer requested one-hour meeting attended by the Customer, invitees of the Customer and the Plans Examiners representing each trade. In most cases, the plans are in the design phase and the meetings are intended to provide a brief yet informative overview of the project. Specific code and project related questions may be addressed to those in attendance if desired by the customer. A "Preliminary Meeting" may be scheduled by completing a Preliminary Review application through our Electronic Plans Management system.

Preliminary Code Review Policy and Procedures

Questions and Inquiries?

Inquiries on the Preliminary Code Review Policy and Procedures may be directed to any of the following:

Your OnSchedule Project Coordinator at 980-314-CODE(2633)​


Tom Smith, Commercial Plan Review Manager, 980-314-3194

Eric Moore, Mega-Multifamily Manager, 704-998-7477

Melanie Sellers, Director of Permitting & Plan Review, 980-314-3108