Revisions to Approved Plans (RTAP)​

A Revisions to Approved Plan is defined as a change to the original approved project that is relatively minor in scope.  Typically, the changes are driven by unforeseen field conditions, value engineering, or owner changes.  Examples of such changes are: moving the location of a walls or doors or moving the location of ducts.

The Revisions to Approved Plans process should not be used for adding square footage to a project, up fitting an additional suite, or for adding significant new scope of work to the project.


In summary, plans should be modified, submitted, and reviewed for compliance if a permit has been issued for a project and code related changes to the approved set of plans are required. 

There are two main types of Revisions to Approved Plans.  The two ways to address changes are; handled in the field, by the Field Inspector, or in Plan Review.    

RTAP Handled in the Field – Documentation Upload Only:  These changes are initiated by the Code Enforcement Official/Field Inspector.  Changes in scope are brought to the attention of the Field Inspector by the contractor, or through an inspection failure. The Code Enforcement Official/Field Inspector will request the changes be uploaded electronically, to the permit, for code compliance during the field inspection process.  With this method, plans are not required to be submitted; however, the Field Inspector may request a scoping letter or other documentation during the inspection.


RTAP for OnSchedule Plan Review

  If the project was originally reviewed through OnSchedule, the RTAP submittal will need to be submitted for OnSchedule review. To start the RTAP process, submit an RTAP application through the EPM system.

RTAP for Small Commercial Plan Review

If the project was originally reviewed through the Small Commercial Plan Review program, the RTAP submittal will need to be submitted for Small Commercial Review.


It is important to remember that all plans submitted to Code Enforcement need to meet the Plan Submittal Guidelines. Other documentation may be required by Code Enforcement or other agencies based on the change(s).

If the changes shown in the scope of work for the Revision to Approved Plan in any way increase the cost of the original project, thereby adding to the construction cost, a supplemental permit will be required to be issued for the increased amount only.

Please call 980-314-CODE should you have questions regarding the Revisions to Approved Plans process.

Customer Guides for OnSchedule RTAP Review Submission